Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tribal Trimaran Building updates

Below Photos taken May 1 , 2011

I am changing the title since it is actually about the Tri and not the catamaran. I will start another for the catamarans. The work that I did this weekend was to install the seats on the inside and glue. Cut the top sides and stitch in place. Next will be to install the bowsprit and glue the top sides in place.

Photos taken 4-26-11- The bulkhead in the middle will be cut away after the upper sides are attached. The top part that will be cut away is used for keeping the boat square while the glueing is taking place. You will be able to walk down the center line of the boat and you can now see where the seats and storage on each side will be. The next step from here is to glue in the remainder of the members that holds the top ply when it is installed and then to install the top side ply. Varnishing has also to be done in the front where it is deep and I will be unable to reach if the sides are on. I will do that tonight after I pick up a new boat. It is a kayak that I will need for paddling the Ultra Florida challenge if I decide to do that. Plus it is something that I can get some exersize in as well instead of just sailing around. I don't care for rowing much after the incident during the everglades challenge. I have been asked to do a short story on that and will asap. So here are the photos from last night and I will try and do updates daily or at least days that I work on the boats or make trips.

These are a short sequence of build photos in order to show that no strongback, formers or any other building aid is used. It sort of self lines up using its own bulkheads. I will take updated photos tonight and post tomorrow. Today is tues, 4-26-11



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I started building the RagWing Islander Catamaran in order to sail it in the Upcoming WaterTribe North Carolina Challenge in Sept. I have made very quick progress and have both the hulls almost covered. This is a 20 foot boat with standup headroom in the hulls. I was doing some research for the race and found out that this boat will not fit under the bridges in the Harlow canal. For that reason I am slowing down on it and starting on another that will. If it is not done by race time I will take the puddlecat adventure.
     The new boat I will now show some start up photos of and cover more on it very soon. This is how it looks in the shop now. It is stitch and glue and 17 1/2 feet long and will be a Trimaran.

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  1. whats up qhit that boats?? did u finished them??