Saturday, April 30, 2011

My first kayak

My first paddle went well. I did not roll it! I went around three miles total and averaged 3.4 mph. These things are a lot faster than I thought they would be. I enjoyed it and plan on starting some trainning in it after work around 3 days per week. Here is a snapshot of my track.(still working on it) The tracker only sends a signal every 10 minutes so I stopped in what appears to be the lake but in order to get the entire track I will have to send ok messages so I will start doing that. My Gps has a much better track and shows every turn and I will work on getting use to it and posting the track.

Start of this post below.
I purchased a Dagger Halifax kayak from a friend in order to see how I like the paddling full time. I may also try and put a small downwind sail on it. The ultra Florida challenge would just about require a kayak in order to get up the St. Marys river. Do the 40 mile portage. And then down river to the Gulf. It is in my mind to try and do it.....someday, maybe just not 2012. I certainly need more experience and try to tell my self that it is going to take time. That is a serious adventure race not to be taken likely. We will see.

Anyway the dagger is 17' something and rotomolded so tough. Has some good reviews and not to tippy. I will let folks know when I get it into the water.


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