Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5-11-11 UPDATE

On this past Sat. 5-7-11. I worked from 5 till 11 and then went straight for a paddle. I put in at Lake Robinson and paddled all the way up the lake to the creek. This is aprox. 4 miles. Next time I will try and go up the creek a ways to see how far I can go. At the enterance to the creek the rudder begins to hit so it is only around one foot deep.I got out of the yak there for a minute to simulate being on a challenge and trying to get to shore. I sunk up to my knees in muck, sticky and stinky. It smelled like decay. Getting use to the kayak is going to take a while. I am so long legged that it is very dificult to even get out of it. If not for the shallow water I would have went over. I headed back and made good time. I will post my trip odometer if I can find it. It was a nice day but I am fairly sure that I had a head wind both coming and going. It certainly seems to be a very good boat. Fast but just arm power is different and it kills the shoulders.I suppose it is going to take a while to learn good form.

On Sunday May the 8th I went out to lake hartwell to try out the new electric motor system that I have been putting together. I purchased a minn kota 55 saltwater electric motor, 2 deep cycle gel batteries that only weigh  43 lbs each and a couple of different solar chargers. The latest and one tested is a 30 water battery charger. My test begin around 7 am at the lake. The plan was to run up the river as far as the batteries would allow.
To be continued, I have to upload some youtube videos for you.

An update on my trainning. I started trainning agin the beginning of May. The first week I ran 7.5 miles total and paddled for 11 miles. So far the 2nd week I have run 2, 4, and 3 miles tonight the 11th so I am picking up as I wanted to do. The goal is for me to run as far as I can and when I stop I am done. The thing is to keep moving and not the stop and go that I did in 2009 which only resulted in me running a 4:45 NYC marathon. My goal is to break the 4 hour mark and to meet my fund raising goals.
No injuries so far, although pains are popping up, the knees are starting to feel it and the right muscle just about the knee on the inside is pulling just a bit. Tonight I worn my Tommy Kono knee bands and they warned them up nicely and I managed the 3 miles in 35 mins. I hope to double my milage from the first week and ease into it so that I do not injury myself. I have been running on the track so far except for tonight was my first road run and it does make a difference.The road is harder with the hills and valleys.
Thanks, Roger

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