Monday, May 2, 2011

Islander Catamaran updates

tuesday May 3rd. 2011
I was able to recover a video of when I started the Islander catamaran project, about a week into it. The video shows the sides and the 4 main builheads. Building the sides flat on the floor is much like building an aircraft fuselage and is where I got the idea.
I had tried building a 16 foot catamarn by another designer but abandoned the project about two months into the project because I had only just gotten the hulls framed. It was very disapointing to be so slow building. Anyway I will never go back to that way of building a catamaran. Here is the video.
I will have to upload on youtube and put a link here.
May 2, 2011
I have found that I have lost some of the photos for the building of the Islander Catamaran. I will see if I can get them recovered. Up to the point that you see below I have approx. 2 weeks of part time work invested. Although this is a big boat at 20 feet long it went together quicker than any other that I have build. This was due to the sides being built flat on the floor. Once all 4 sides were done 4 bulkheads were cut out and stood upside down on the floor and the sides added. Only thing to do at that point was to square all  up and pull a center line and glue. The the transon bulkheads were installed and the bow pulled together. At this point I have ply started on the bottom of one hull and next step will to be to do the other hull and finish the bottoms on both hulls. I should be able to get back to this soon as the Tri. is going fast. I may try and sneak in a day of two here and there as well working on it while waiting for other stuff to dry. I will be back when there is something new to report.

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I started building the RagWing Islander Catamaran in order to sail it in the Upcoming WaterTribe North Carolina Challenge in Sept. I have made very quick progress and have both the hulls almost covered. This is a 20 foot boat with standup headroom in the hulls. I was doing some research for the race and found out that this boat will not fit under the bridges in the Harlow canal. For that reason I am slowing down on it and starting on another that will. If it is not done by race time I will take the puddlecat adventure.

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