Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Organization for Autism Research

I have recieved several donations to my fundraising page for Autism Research and I wanted to thank those who have given. You can see their post here at my site.
And a update on my running/ trainning. I try and run every day either in the morning or at dark and I usually can get in at least 3 miles per day, or around 1/2 hour. My long runs are on Sunday. This past sunday I got in 6 miles in about an hour. I will start picking up the pace and increasing the milage as I get my slogging legs back into shape. When i get to my max milage per week I should be doing around 50 miles per week. Right now I am at 20.
I also hope to get a good gps tracker so that i can include that information and better keep up with it.
Again thanks for the donations. It only takes a small amount to make a big difference and for those who are to young to take care of it themselves they can not say thank you so I will for them. Thank you.

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