Friday, May 6, 2011

Velux 5 oceans

                                                          Derek Hatfield-Solo circumnavigator.
                                                      Dereks Boat, appeared to me to be the newest. 90+ foot mast  gives some scale. Open 60 Class boat and very fast.
                                                                                                    Donna, Race manager for Chris and Spartan and not afraid to get  her hands dirty. Very sweet and great accent.
 Brads boat taken from Spartan. The american entry and hometowner from Charleston.
 Me on Spartan, thanks Donna for taking the photo. The largest rotating mast I have ever seen.
                                                       Spartan. Note, the outriggers on two above photos, they are to allow for the rotating mast.

Inside Spartan. Engine work being done.

On 5-4-11 I had to make a trip to Charleston to pick up my step son from college for summer break. It just so happens that the race boats and racers in the velux 5 oceans race were there for a layover and soon will be leaving on their last leg of their solo circumnavigations to France. I have been following the race from the start and track them during their legs. The night that I got there the last racer was due in just after midnight, he had lost his bowsprit and had to stop for repairs. I was able to meet the race manager of Chris's boat named Spartan. They are from England. Her name is Donna and she was extreamly nice and let me take photos of the inside as well. I was able to meet just one captain. Derek Hatfield is from Canada. He was working on a bielge pump. I was not expecting to meet a racer but he was very nice and answered a few questions and let me take his photo. The american entry's ground crew seem to go out of their way to avoid any contact at all and did not even reconize my presents standing 10 feet away from them. Maybe they were just busy. Hopefully if Brad the captain was there he would have been alittle more social to the fans, Me, since I was the only one there looking at the boats. I was there for nearly 3 hours and not another person came onto the docks. These boats are remarkable. The shear number of control lines running back to the cockpit is amazing.
I would bet that one hayard line cost more than the total cost of building my Puddlecat Adventure catamaran.
This was a great time for me to check out some of the fastest around the world sailboats. These guys have been averaging 14-15 knots at times and have hit 25 knots.....and they spend 20-30 days at sea alone per leg. These are some remarkable sailors. It was a real honor to meet Derek. He was an insperation to me. He was down to earth and not above talking to a nobody standing on the dock. Thanks Derek.

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