Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update 6-19-11 Tough Night

Will be back shortly for the update. Sunday morning, the wind is blowing and I just got 5 hours of sleep so refreshed and ready to go again.

This is the Hobie TI loaded and weighs 250 lbs with supplies. I was doing a portage practice and came in just when a hail storm hit. You can see the hail in the grass. It is best to take cover when this happens because hail does hurt. Some folks would think that seeing someone do this is strange but my neighbors know that it is pretty normal stuff for me. The folks out of the neighborhood sure gave strange looks since the closest lake is 20 minutes away!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8th, 2011 Hobie TI Jib update

Above is a link to see the jib that you see in the photos in operation. I have been testing it and it is working out really well. No issues so far but still waiting for some stronger winds than the10 mph that I have tested in so far.It certainly has improved light wind performance. I added aprox. 1/4 the size of the main so it makes sence that performance has improved. The jib added aprox. 22 sq. foot of sail area.

While waiting on the wind, not looking good....forcast winds under 10 mph until next weds, on week from now, I have been working on a roll bar at the back in order to get the main sheet and block above my head. It was fine as it is but I have found that in light wind it is best to furl the sails (notice, I said sails!) and pedal.When you do this the main sheet comes down right on your head and gets right in the way.
 Furling the sails reduces drag and you can go faster when pedaling. Even faster when you take the mast down which is still easy to do since the jib is rolled up right along with the mail. So I needed a way to get the sheet out of the way when furled. I finished the rollbar tonight. I made it from UV protected Plastic electrical condunit from lowes. It weighs aprox 4 lbs and cost about $15 dollars. It will be tested soon but I do not forsee any issues with it and I certainly like getting the sheet out of the way. I have also found another use for it. If your sails are furled the sheet is tight from the main sail attach point and runs back to the roll bar which is above your head. You can use that to put a Tarp over and make a sun or rain cover when you get where you are going. And I suppose you could have it installed while peddaling in the rain or sun since it would not cause much drag being even with the ground. I will get some photos of the roll bar and the tarp setup as soon as I can.
I will also get some photos of the spinaker that I have been flying so far. It has suprised me. It is a setup that can be tacked from side to side but it is mainly for very long downwind runs (hours)with the winds under 10 mph.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

6-2-11 UPDATE on Tribal Tri and Hobie TI

After my first few sails in the new Hobie TI I knew that it was going to need a jib otherwise it was going to be a dog into the wind just like the Hobie 16's that I have sailed. I came up with what I think is a break through in the Hobie TI furling system. They have a great main mast furler which rolls the main up in a snap. Their attempts at a jib lost this ability. My idea was to furl it up with the main as shown below. I have contacted a Hobie Head Engineer and let him know about it and I am reseaching now to see if I can get a patent on it since I have not seen this done before. We will see what happens and how well it does.

 The Tribal Tri is getting its spar carry thru metal. Here you can see the tool that saved the day for installing them into the hull. It is a Plunge cutter, a multi tool that is popular now and it worked like a charm. I had decided to put the 4 x 4 alum square on top but then considered the drag and thought about some weight that I could save by making the sponsons shorter. They will be 18 wide and 12 tall now instead of the 18 x 18 that they were going to be so it should save a good bit of weight.