Thursday, June 2, 2011

6-2-11 UPDATE on Tribal Tri and Hobie TI

After my first few sails in the new Hobie TI I knew that it was going to need a jib otherwise it was going to be a dog into the wind just like the Hobie 16's that I have sailed. I came up with what I think is a break through in the Hobie TI furling system. They have a great main mast furler which rolls the main up in a snap. Their attempts at a jib lost this ability. My idea was to furl it up with the main as shown below. I have contacted a Hobie Head Engineer and let him know about it and I am reseaching now to see if I can get a patent on it since I have not seen this done before. We will see what happens and how well it does.

 The Tribal Tri is getting its spar carry thru metal. Here you can see the tool that saved the day for installing them into the hull. It is a Plunge cutter, a multi tool that is popular now and it worked like a charm. I had decided to put the 4 x 4 alum square on top but then considered the drag and thought about some weight that I could save by making the sponsons shorter. They will be 18 wide and 12 tall now instead of the 18 x 18 that they were going to be so it should save a good bit of weight.

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