Friday, October 7, 2011

Doing Blog Differently

I have been out of the Blogging for a couple of months now. I found that i was talking more about what I was going to do than actually getting it done so I took a break. I will continue the blog but in a different manner with updates of what I have acomplished, alittle about new projects that I have started, and results of what I have attempted.
As you can see I have completed the Tribal trimaran and have begun testing it.  That will be one story coming soon. I have also taken it to NC for a 100 mile practice run for the North Carolina Challenge small boat race and that will be an update.
I have also completed the NCC race and will update on that so I have some catching up to do now.I have also been to Spain and got to do some great surfing and paddle boarding.
So I hope that going at it a different way will improve and I will not feel like I have to leave it alone becasue I do enjoy blogging and reading blogs.
Back soon with more updates., Oh and my tranning for the marine corp marathon continues and is going well.

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