Saturday, November 26, 2011

UFC Scouting, more photos

Log jam big shoals,portage start.
Rd #6 looking upstream.
Fargo launch ramp. 8" water.
Fargo, watch out when water comes up!
Big Shoals portage start.
Approach to Traders hill,canoe ramp just past tree.
Little shoals.
Fargo launch area again.
St George bridge looking downstream, ramp.
underwater stumps traders hill canoe ramp.

UFC 2012 River Scouting.

 St marys public boat ramp. restrooms and water fountain. no shower.
Taken from South side of fargo launch ramp, ranger station in background to left.
 Fargo launch area looking south. Just enough room to paddle under bridge and less than 1 foot deep.
 Rd#6 bridge aprox 15 miles below Fargo looking downstream.
 Big Shoals. Nov 25,2011
 Standing in middle of Big Shoals.
 Little Shoals
 Big Shoals
 Fargo launch ramp
St George ramo and portage start.


Tri first float test. Boat loaded to 575 lbs total. This should be max all up sailing weight. Empty aprox.275. It is drafting just under 7 inches with mirage drive well open. Cockpit floor is 8 1/4 above bottom so should be self draining. Hull weight as is 126lbs and still needs top finished and 2nd layer at Waterline and below.