Tuesday, December 13, 2011

UFC Building Hull Photos

These steps show how easy it is to build a Hull without any formers or strongback.
STEP 1 glue ply together making 24' panels.
Step 2 Glue on 3/4 sq. stringers to panels.
Step 3 Cut out two each forming bulkheads.
Step 4 Glue in bulkheads to one side.
Step 5 and then the other side.
Step 6 pull in the ends, secure, pull string down center to make sure the bulkheads are in the center, let dry.
Step 7. Add wedge blocks to ends top and bottom.
Step8. Add bottom runners and glue.
Step 9. Add first sheet of ply to bottom.
Step 10. Then the center end plys.
Step 11,12.Then the remainder of the ply.
, To get a hull to this stage took 4 days.

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