Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ultra Fla. Challenge Trimaran update

I am really glad that I took some watertribers advise and painted the Hull. It is going to be well protected and much cleaner through the water due to less drag from the smooth finish. Yes it added many hours and more than 10 lbs. but my piece of mind is comfortable now. It is much like my flying days. The saying was-" It is much better to be on the ground wishing that you were in the air than in the air and wishing you were on the ground".  My water line surface will no longer be on my mine. If it takes damage I will know that I did all that I could within reason.
If you look close you can see the reflection of the rudder foil in the Hull.
I recieved Chief's Big 16 classic amas and will start mounting those and doing final assembly and hope to be testing by years end. As of today it is 3 months until the Everglades challenge so I should have time to test and make adjustments. If completed by years end I should have 2 months of trials and adjustment.
Will update again soon. Roger

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